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Zlouhtiria puppet show

Zlouhtiria puppet theatre group was founded in (Mitilini) Lesvos in 2007 by Evangelia Kampouraki and Evgenia Tsichlia (members of UNIMA hellas). We have three performances and we have participated in International Festivals in Greece and abroad. We also organise puppet workshops for children and for adults. Our goal is to create performances for all ages and nationalities. Our performances can be shown indoors as well as outdoors.

Evangelia Kampouraki

Evangelia Kampouraki completed a graduated degree in Theatre Studies from School of Fine Arts in Thessaloniki and took a postgraduate degree in Social Anthropology  and History in The University of Aegean. She worked as a set designer in many professional theatre groups. She has been teaching theatre to children in primary and seconary schools for the past six years now. She and Evgenia Tsichlia founded the puppet group “Zlouchtiria in 2007. Since then they have been performing  in many theatrical stages, schools and Festivals around the world.

Evgenia Tsichlia

Evgenia Tsichlia completed a graduate degree in Theatre Studies from the University of Athens (kapodistriako) and took a postgraduate degree in Social Anthropology and History in the University of Aegean. She attended workshops in puppetry, pantomime and dancing from notable teachers in Greece and abroad.Since 2006 she teaches theatre in education to children of all ages and create performances with them. She and Evagellia Kampouraki founded the puppet theatre “Zlouchtiria” in 2007.


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