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Thodoris Georgakopoulos, journalist & writer

E-books in Greece and their future at the libraries

To what degree are we accustomed to reading digitally? What is the state of the ebook market today in Greece and what is the future of ebooks?  What role can libraries play in the age of e-books? A publisher, a writer, an ebookstore representative, a platform manager, a specialist in digital and a Google representative, coordinated by a famous ebooks blogger discuss their prospects of cooperation.

About Thodoris

Thodoris Georgakopoulos is a writer and journalist based in Athens, Greece. He is the co-founder of Nest Media, a digital media startup ( Thodoris has a biology degree from the University of Athens. He has written for major Greek magazines and newspapers, and has worked as an editor and a translator. He has held the position of Chief Internet Officer at a major Greek media company. Today, he writes about society, culture, technology and the internet. You can read his work at He is the author of three books. His latest, «Februarios», is a novel about the Greek crisis. You can like Thodoris on Facebook: Or follow him on Twitter: @tgeorgakopoulos.


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