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Thanasis Kouroglou, Librarian – Responsible of 11 Children’s Libraries of the Municipal Organization Culture & Sport Karditsa

Colorful summer getaways opened by librarians

The sad ladybug smiled and welcomed the magpie; Elmer met the frog and made a promise to the poor Chameleon, who was looking anxiously to find his color into the black book… With the help of Cluj and the green detectives, they all built a resourceful colorful campaign, which was actually… a psychotherapy campaign!

About Thanasis

I was born “some” years ago in Adriani, in Drama. I studied librarianship in Thessaloniki and after five or six winters of “general searching” and summers in the Aegean, I met Vana, who brought me a “love immigrant” in Karditsa. There I found not one, but 11 small “Ithacas” in the municipal children’s libraries, where I work since 2001, after a couple of small working periods in school libraries. I like reading (though I discovered it in my 30s!), cinema, travel (not in a group or with a schedule) and sports. I love my two daughters, Katerina and Dimitra, even if they make me constantly run after them…


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