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Panos Charitos, CERN

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The completion of the LHC, the largest particle accelerator in the world and the conduct of four experiments at CERN makes a global laboratory physics. About 11,000 physicists from 113 countries are currently working on CERN, trying to answer some of the fundamental questions of modern science. But how can this new knowledge be transmitted effectively to the public? In an effort to popularize science, CERN leverages new technologies and allows different groups from a ” global public” to get to know the lab and the people who work there. The trip to the Big Bang and to the world of elementary particles can start from the library…

Panos’ Profile

Panos Haritos is a graduate of the Physics Department of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (AUTH), with an MSc in Astrophysics (Imperial College London) and another one in Communication (London School of Economics). During his student years, he became involved in the communication and popularization of science as a member of the editorial team for the periodical “Phenomenon” of the Department of Physics (AUTH). He has worked for ERT3, as well as for several publishers. Recently, he started working in the European Organisation for Nuclear Physics, CERN, in particular, on the ALICE experiment, which studies the collisions of heavy ions and aims to recreate the conditions that prevailed in the Universe since the Big Bang.


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