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Nasos Kouroupis, Designer & Design/UX Researcher, 180 Degrees

Design Thinking: The Library as an Innovation Factory

Design Thinking offers new approaches to the design and implementation of ideas and services that focus on the best possible library user experience. Nowadays, the way that we interact with libraries and also our demands from library services have changed. Design Thinking can really help libraries by creating better library experiences. In this workshop we will examine how librarians and library users can co-create these services.

Nasos’ Profile

Nasos Kouroupis is a Design/UX researcher and designer. He has worked over the past six years on business and social projects in Singapore and Southeast Asia. He has recently returned to Greece and, amongst other projects, has co-created 180 Degrees. He believes in “design culture” and the processes that support it. He loves teaching and making complex things simple and easy to understand. You may come across him designing with pen and paper.


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