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Michalis Kalamaras, Round table facilitator, Blogger on ebooks and digital publishing at

E-books in Greece and their future at the libraries

To what degree are we accustomed to reading digitally? What is the state of the ebook market today in Greece and what is the future of ebooks?  What role can libraries play in the age of e-books? A publisher, a writer, an ebookstore representative, a platform manager, a specialist in digital and a Google representative, coordinated by a famous ebooks blogger discuss their prospects of cooperation.

Michalis’ Profile

Moving to another city, with many boxes full of books, and finding out that there are screens that do not strain the eye, he starting exploring e-books and dedicated e-reading devices. Observing the developments within this field in Greece, he started blogging about ebooks and digital publishing at, “eAnagnostis” standing for “e-reader”, both the device and the human. As copy-editor turned content guy, he also became involved in the production of ebooks and digital products. He believes that reading digitally is the future as well as a considerable part of the present, but also that the rumors of the death of the paper are premature. However, for Michalis, content prevails: books have definitely been written to be read, not only to be smelled.


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