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Marianne Krogbaek,

Hands-on Design Thinking

 This workshop will provide first practical hands on “Design Thinking” tools for understanding user needs, ideation, concept development, prototyping, and feedback. This approach is a design-based methodology developed by and IDEO and is used to design new product, services, spaces and brands. Marianne Krogbæk will give a short introduction to the project, Innovation in Public Libraries that is using design thinking methods to develop new library services and concepts. The project partners are IDEO, Chicago Public Library and Aarhus Public Libraries and the goal is to develop a global innovation toolkit for public libraries to be published in 2014. The project is funded by  Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

About Marianne

I am an architect by education, but have worked for the libraries since 2010. I started working for ITK within Aarhus Public Libraries, where I was hired to help design their new office space in Aarhus Main Library and lead a process for involvement of the employees. I have since been making design suggestions for a community center interior, a book scanner that will tell you what’s inspiring in the library and online, a fun facts database and an app. I am currently managing the sub-project called ”IT in the Library space” in the collaboration between Chicago Public Libraries and Aarhus Public Libraries, subsidized by Bill and Melinda Gates foundation. We’re in the process of identifying a whole new range of design opportunities focused on the use of technology and the users’ understanding and use of IT within the library.

With my team I conduct experiments and gather insights for the Design Thinking toolkit for libraries, which is the primary product in this. On the primary product the Innovation toolkit for libraries, we work with consultants from world famous design agency IDEO. One important insight for me has been identifying library roles through empathy building with the users and library staff. As designers making proposals and to stay curious, is really the best we can do. I look forward to sharing other insights from the design thinking process at Future Libraries 2013.


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