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Maria Vrahliotou, Librarian, Serres Central Public Library, Member of the Future Library Network of Library Leaders

We say ‘no’ to empty chests!

Maria Vrachliotou will talk to us about a chest that she is determined to fill with something different, with personal narrations. “The chest of e-stories” is a digital storytelling program which runs in a network of four libraries and has come here today to tell us its own story!

Maria’s Profile

Maria Vrachliotou was unfortunate enough to work at a Greek Public Library during a difficult period for the country. She might have died of boredom a long time ago! Restless since childhood, she felt that she found an outlet for her energy when Future Library came along. All of a sudden, working became a colorful experience, through collaborations, friendships and a common goal. Somewhere there was this flickering hope, which she wanted to share through the stories of all the people who give us genuine life lessons, with their values and their courage. Thus, the “e-stories chest” opened, a project that everyone hopes will continue offering, will be loved and will provide a common ground for all to share their stories!


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