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Kiki Dimoula, Poet, member of the Academy of Athens, Home of Poetry

Kiki Dimoula was born in 1931 in Athens, where she lives. Her marriage to the civil engineer and poet Athos Dimoulas was a milestone in her life and it was instrumental for her development as a poet and together they had two children. She worked in the Bank of Greece for 25 years. She has been recognized for her poetry with prestigious awards both in Greece and abroad and she is the third woman who has been elected member of the Academy of Athens. Her poems have been translated into several languages, and Yale University recently published her work in Greek and in English. Her poems are dominated by issues such as love, absence, damage, loss, loneliness and time. In 2010, words from her poem “From Hope III” were used in the speech of Mr. Trohopoulos when his library, Veria Public Library, was awarded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. Today, parts of this poem adorn the Media Labs that have been created by Future Library at 9 Public / Municipal Libraries in the country.


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