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Katerina Kerasta, Librarian, Livadia Central Public Library, Member of the Future Library Network of Library Leaders

Job Search on Libraries: from frustration to hope and from hope to the obvious

If some of us ever “wished” to live in interesting times, these certainly are. What these times will yield in the future, however, depends on us. We need to turn disappointment and the shock of unemployment into hope and fruitful practice for the obvious: the search and finding of work. And libraries are here exactly for this: to provide knowledge and organize information, against chaos, ignorance and despair.

Katerina’s Profile

I have great affection for people, animals, humor, libraries, in short, everything! Because I tend to see everything as a coin with two sides. And I try to turn things on the “heads” side of the coin. Unfamiliar concepts in my life are: boredom, indifference and complaint. Some say that I am a library geek, but I’m not. I only use some geek methods and tools in order to accomplish what I want, such as for example socia media…! ;)


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