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Jelena Rajic, Librarian at the Public Library “Radislav Nikcevic”, Jagodina, Serbia

AgroLib Ja: Empowering Farmers to Connect, Share and Grow

The Jagodina Public Library renovated five village libraries in order to improve socio-economic status of farmers. The survey showed that farmers were ICT illiterate. Today, village libraries are community hubs and provide: Computers and Internet; access to information (print and electronic); ICT training; agricultural lectures; online marketplace; sharing best practices.

About Jelena

Jelena has been with the Jagodina Public Library for more than three years. She serves as a librarian at the Foreign Book Department at the central library and as a coordinator of the project Agricultural Libraries in Jagodina. She participated in conferences such as Peer Learning Meeting by Gates Foundation; IFLA’s workshop in WSIS Forum; Spark Conference and in numerous online debates regarding libraries. Prior to the Library, she worked as an English and German teacher in rural schools. She graduated from the Faculty of Philosophy in 2007 and in 2011 she passed the state license exam in library science.


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