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Giannis Farsaris, Writer, Founder of the e-library OPENBOOK (

E-books in Greece and their future at the libraries

To what degree are we accustomed to reading digitally? What is the state of the ebook market today in Greece and what is the future of ebooks?  What role can libraries play in the age of e-books? A publisher, a writer, an ebookstore representative, a platform manager, a specialist in digital and a Google representative, coordinated by a famous ebooks blogger discuss their prospects of cooperation.

Giannis’ Profile

Giannis was born in Crete in 1973 and has never left it since. He studied Computer Science at the University of Crete as well as Adult Education at the Hellenic Open University. For the past years, he has been permanently living on the Internet, passionately exploring the vast potential of digital literature. He has created the e-library OPENBOOK and the literary platform ONE:STORY, while he is also a member of the selection committee for the short-story competition ‘LogoTechnis’. The collective e-book entitled ‘Biting writing’, which he edited, was voted as the Best Literary Book of 2011 in the Greek Internet Awards, whereas his participation in the creative team of El Roy resulted in the production of a black comedy within a collaborative wiki environment. His next book is about to be published, being the product of a successful crowdfunding project.


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