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Elena Stavropoulou, dancer-performer-dance teacher-choreographer

Upstairs the knowledge scale

Stories carried in bodies, memories of knowledge and the scars they leave on the skin, as they struggle to reach the surface. The road of knowledge leads upwards, towards the purpose of human, as the greek word itself indicates: “Man = Antrhopos = ano throsko = looking up”, towards spiritual elevation. Because, without knowledge there is no future.

About Elena

Elena Stavropoulou graduated from the State School of Dance in 2007 and has since been working with Jasmin Vardimon Company-London, on the productions  of ‘Yesterday’ and ’7734′. With a scholarship from the Greek Scholarship Foundation (IKY), she obtained a Masters’ Degree in ‘Performance’ from the London Contemporary Dance School-The Place-London. She has participated in performances of the ‘Hellenic Dance Company’ in choreographies by: Linda Kapetanea -Josef Frucek, Jasmin Vardimon, Nana Vachlia and Martha Graham repertory and ‘Mayim Mayim Project’-Furt 2007. Moreover, she worked with Jenny Argyriou on the production of ‘Lights on you’ in the ‘Greek World’ and on the ‘Todotobe’-improvisation project in the theater Hebe. In 2011, she presented samples of her own production under the title ‘Once upon a space’ in the festival ‘ Rendezvous with the body ‘, in Vrysaki – Cultural Space, and in 2013, in collaboration with Eddie Lame and Camilo Bentancor, she presented her sample titled ’1 +1 +1 = 1′  in the ‘Work in Progress Project ‘ in theatre ‘Embros’. In 2010, she participated in the ‘City to city cabaret’ in Athens, an improvisation work in collaboration with Seke Chimutengwende ‘ Vacaro ‘ and in ‘Imagine the city – Corfu 2013′ under the ‘Urban Dig Project’ of ‘ Ohi Pezoume ‘. Also, in 2012 she was on a European tour presenting the production ‘Eyes in the colours of the rain’ of ‘Rootless Root’ ( Linda Kapetanea -Josef Frucek). She is also involved in music production, especially as the voice in the ensemble ‘Selas’ and more. As a member of ‘Opus Femina’, a Female Vocal Ensemble of Corinth Municipality, participates in the creation and execution of musical and dance performances in national and international festivals and competitions with high distinctions. She supervises the choreography of the theater group ‘Cheek Bones’. The video-dance she created with the name ‘Alice in New-Cross and Corinthos Land’ was screened at the ‘Festival Zero 2009′  in Kalamata. In addition, she is a student at the Law School of Athens.


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