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Eddie Lame, dancer-performer-dance teacher-choreographer

Upstairs the knowledge scale

Stories carried in bodies, memories of knowledge and the scars they leave on the skin, as they struggle to reach the surface. The road of knowledge leads upwards, towards the purpose of human, as the greek word itself indicates: “Man = Antrhopos = ano throsko = looking up”, towards spiritual elevation. Because, without knowledge there is no future.

About Eddie

Eddie Lame was born in Tirana (Albania ) in 1978. He graduated from the Albanian Academy of Dance and the Greek School of Dance (K.S.O.T.) . Since 2002 he is member of the modern dance company “Sinequanon”. He has worked with several dance companies, such as : “Rootlessroot”, “Hellenic Dance Company”, “Pelma”, ” Intangible forces “, ” Elatirio”, ” Enniamorfo”, “Small dance theater “, “Ad Lib dance company”, “Choreftes”. And with the following Greek choreographers: Wim Vandekeybus, Richard Alston, Martin Lawrence, Athena Vachlia, Constantinos Rigos, Michael Nalbandis. He has danced in Greek festivals: Kalamata International Dance Festival, Athens and Epidaurus Festival, Festival of the Municipality of Byron, Festival of the City of Athens Technopolis – Gazi, Festival “Aeschylia” Eleusina, the Athens and Thessaloniki Concert Halls (Megaro Mousikis), Spring Theatre Festival, National Theatre of Northern Greece, Municipal Regional Theatre of Serres and of Patras. And choreographers from abroad: Almada International Dance Festival Lisbon (Portugal), Trajectos Festival and Dies De Dansa Festival in Barcelona Zaragoza Bilbao Almpasente Sevilla Cadiz (Spain), Festival de Dance Cannes (France), Milano Incontra La Grecia Festival Milan (Italy), Holland Dance Festival the Hague (Netherlands), Festival Griechenland Stuttgart (Germany), Tanec Praha Festival (Czech Republic), Arena Theatre Bratislava (Slovakia),International Festival of Contemporary Dance Moscow (Russia), The Cultural Year of Greece in the Beijing Experimental Theatre and Shangai Music Hall (China), Ramallah Dance Festival in Ramallah, Bethlehem and Nazareth (Palestine), International Dance Festival of Cyprus (Cyprus). He has attended seminars with: Ted Stoffer, Frey Faust, Jeremy Nelson , Jozef Frucek, David Zambrano, Milan Herich, Wim Vandekeybus, Ignacio Manuel Camuel Azpillaga, Martin Lawrence, Eduardo Torroya, Pierre Tavernier, Alan Herdman, Thomas Oikonomakos (lighting design). Since 2005, he delivers contemporary dance seminars and lessons.


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