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Bogdan Trifunović, M.A., Digital Projects Librarian, Digitization Centre Public Library “Vladislav Petković Dis“, Serbia

So, your library wants to do digital preservation?!

This presentation, partly based on the experience of one public library in Serbia, will reveal the obstacles faced by small cultural heritage institutions in their effort to address legal, organizational, financial, technical or other issues, in order to meet the future development in cultural production or information preservation.

Bogdan’s Profile

Bogdan has been passionately involved in LIS projects for the past nine years. He manages the first digitization center among the public libraries in Serbia since 2008, which allows him to fully understand all the benefits of making your stuff digital and providing the patrons with digital information. At the same time, trying to meet the ‘demands of the times’, he encounters many problems, which are sometimes imposed by the complexity of the process and sometimes by his own mistakes, experiments or stubbornness. Nevertheless, he is always ready and willing to learn and improve.


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