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Areti Markopoulou,  Architect, Partner of Fab Lab Athens, Mycity-me Team

Social Manufacturing | From Mass Production to Personal Fabrication

The workshop will focus on Digital Fabrication technologies (especially in 3D printing) as a tool for learning through making. It will introduce collaborative open source platforms for design and customization that enhance Social Manufacturing. Participants will learn how to use open source design tools and how to participate in collective platforms or how to contribute to a digital project by sharing their ideas and inventions. Ultimately, participants will learn how to use low cost machines for fabricating their ideas.

Areti’s Profile

Areti Markopoulou is an Architect, graduated from the Department of Architectural Engineering of Xanthi, DUTH in Greece. She holds a Master’s Degree in Advanced Architecture from IAAC, a Fab Academy diploma on Digital Fabrication offered by the MIT Center for Bits and Atoms and a Dlab diploma from the Architectural Association (AA) in London. Co-founder of the non profit organization, her research focuses on how Energy, Information and Fabrication could lead to [technology + user-based] optimum future city models, which could adapt to behavioral changes over time. She is currently the Director of the Master’s course in Advanced Architecture at IAAC in Barcelona and initiator and partner of Fab Lab Athens.



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