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Antonis Kanouras, MSc, Robotics Engineer, Founder of Robotixlab

Make, create, innovate workshop: A hands-on approach to creative learning

We give you cardboard, glue, scissors, some clever electronic appliances that can spin, make noise, blink LEDs, as well as loads of inspiration. Make sure you give back all your enthusiasm and wacky ideas, be part of a great team of inventors and create a prototype that will impress the judges!!! Will your team win the prestigious trophy?

Antonis’ Profile

Antonis Kanouras grew up disassembling hair dryers and transistor radios and tinkering with electronics. Lego bricks were his favourite toy and still are… only now he calls them engineering design and modelling tools. It might sound like a joke, but, back in 1996, it was only him, a guy from Malaysia and an English guy who studied robotics at Sussex University, UK. After an award by the IMechE, a Research MSc and an international patent, Antonis Kanouras is back home running his own business, Robotixlab, on creative educational robotics. At his spare time, he enjoys cooking bacardi chicken, travelling and cycling.



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