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Andriani Zafiropoulou, Librarian, Nafpaktos Public Library, Member of the Future Library Network of Library Leaders

Ollie Ollie Oxen Free, Going to my Library!

How to make learning a fun activity? This secret will be revealed by the presentation of a new library service offered by 5 libraries of the region of West Greece. This service allows school lessons to be delivered within libraries and made into enjoyable activities through imaginative, creative and educational events. Because, after all, the library brings knowledge into life!

About Andriani

Andriani just could not wait: she was born a month ahead of her due birth in order to explore the world! But the real adventure began for her in a library in Patra and fortunately it still goes on! Holding a Master’s degree in Cultural Organizations Management, she first worked in the Library of Hellenic Open University. Her life changed completely by her appointment to Nafpaktos Public Library and her participation in the actions of Future Library as Library Leader in the region of West Greece. And from a simple librarian, she has been transformed into a game librarian, discovering that library is one of the most exciting places for someone to work!


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