BEING CREATIVE, inspiring the community


Amalia Zepou, Athens Mayor’s Advisor on Civil Society Networking

SynAthina: A Network of trust against the tide

SynAthina is a network of the Athens Municipality with community groups. A web space to display their activities, a hosting roof to help realize them, a platform that gives them voice. A meeting space between the official city and its creative inhabitants.

About Amalia

I am 50 years old and from my (brief) cv, what really brings me here is that I grew up and lived in several European capitals as a diplomat’s child, that I studied Social Anthropology in London, and if documentary making was my main profession for years, it’s because Ι feel at home when I need to discover other people’s lives. Nevertheless, I never expected that I would find the most interesting job ever at the Municipality of Athens, in 2013. I live downtown, at Kerameikos. I have three children, Stelios, Kostas and Daphne.


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