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Alexandra Stratou, Cook – Storyteller

A cookbook through crowdfunding: asking is half the journey

The first step in doing anything is sharing with others your intention. Ask for what you want and you may just get it- don’t ask for what you want and you surely won’t get it.  You never know you will succeed or fail before you give yourself the chance to do so. The art of cooking and the art of raising funds.

About Alexandra

My studies began at Brown University, Rhode Island. It was here that I started cooking to share meals with others and witnessed the strength food has to bring people together. A year later I went to cooking school, in San Sebastian, Spain, and two years after that I officially became a professional cook. Since then, I have walked various routes exploring multiple new aspects of life. Today I am the author of “Cooking to Share” -a cookbook. My biggest lesson has been that dreams are a product of the person we are at any given moment in time and that we must always be ready to reconsider.,


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