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Albertos Bourlas, Manager of Prepaid Mobile Services, Vodafone Hellas

R U talking to Youth? Experienced youth and new experience

Generation Z, the digital natives. Experienced “from their cradle”, familiar with new technologies, with great expectations from brands. We’ve got to speak their language. Log in with them. Feel. Offer the «next best thing»… now! New touch points, new applications, new media = friendlier, truer, more comprehensive services. We do it the way young people do it.

Albertos’ Profile

John Smith 134: Do you know who I bumped into the other day ?
Mary Jane iq: So tell …
J.S.: Alberto.
MJ: The president of the Greek students’ society when we were at Georgetown University;
J.S.: That’s right! He had a degree in finance, remember? Later on, he went to MIT for an MBA.
MJ: Last place I saw him was Wall Street. I was eating a hot dog, he was at the beginning of his career. Investment banker at Bankers Trust and then ‘portals guru’ in Hong Kong ..
J.S. 134: But he has dedicated the last 11 years to mobile services, in 2002 he created the section Value-Added Services in WIND. In 2007, he was appointed Manager of Consumer Products in WIND while in 2009 he became Manager of the Department of Consumer Products in Vodafone.
MJ : What’s he up to right now?
JS: Manager of Prepaid Mobile Services at Vodafone.
MJ: And do you know … is he married ?
J.S.: Yes, and has 2 children!


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