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Achilleas Plitharas, Campaigns Officer, WWF Greece

Green city | Together for a better life

Starting from the local park, or any other green area, or even from a book, a work of art, an exhibit, a piece of music or a movie, we open up, as libraries and as institutions of culture and creative expression, to the local community. We inspire citizens to discover, use and protect the green areas of their neigbourhood. We aim for a green city. We reflect, we inspire pupils, children and adults to become active citizens. We take a step by step approach to action for greening our neigborhood. We use a case study to understand how to transform these green belts of the city to oases of culture, creative thinking, urban biodiversity, recreation, social interaction and care for the public space.

Achilleas’ Profile

Achilleas Plitharas holds a bachelor degree in Environmental Science. He is working in WWF Greece since May 2004, as the policy campaigner of the organization. His interests include ways to mobilize citizens and use social media and crowdsourcing tools in an efficient way. Aside from this, the remaining free time is devoted to reading as many books as possible and writing (if possible) on his blog.


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